Game Day

It has been a couple of weeks now and we’ve had not one, but two game days! (note: I don’t feel very funny today, so I’m sorry for the lack of jokes in this post) Our first game day was Tuesday Jan 22nd at Bayside Middle School. We played against three other teams, and my girls won half of their games. I was so proud! I could really see the drills and practices paying off in our matches. I honestly think their skill level has improved in just a couple of short weeks. I brought along my son Sam as my assistant coach. He is six years old and the reality is that I don’t have an out-of-school care spot for him, so I bring him on the road! Sometimes he bounces balls during the games and they roll into the court hehe. Oh well!

*Note: At this age level they play a version of volleyball called “Triple Ball” where there is one serve per rotation followed by a toss from each coach to the opposite team. This is to encourage skill development, I think. Interesting. And hard to get used to after many years of playing traditional volleyball.

Anyways, after our first game day I could tell that the main things I want to focus on are: calling the ball, confidence, three nice hits before sending the ball back, filling the middle hole during serve receive. I will focus the next few practices on these areas.

The practices I have run so far look something like this:

*Arrive @ 7:30 and set up nets.

*Warm up and stretch. Debrief past week game (if applicable)

*Skill specific drills. So far we have focused on either bumping, setting or serving

*Hustle drill like touch 10 or another fun drill to get them talking and moving

*Wrap up with a game of triple ball.

It turns out that I really love coaching and I really love the girls I’m working with. They have really good attitudes and each of them has a unique personality with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. It is so interesting to watch them naturally settle into certain roles. We have a team captain, some very confident hard working girls, some girls who have a hard time paying attention during instruction and games (haha), and some girls who are super go-getters and very encouraging. There are some girls who are still quite shy and lacking in confidence and look to me after every mistake (I try to be positive and always encourage them). So many dynamics and so much to consider. I know I will make mistakes, but I am definitely giving it 100%.

Here’s our cheer: