Privacy Implications for GAFE/GSFE

According to the Google ‘Privacy & Security Center’ they are committed to building products that help protect the privacy of students and teachers as well as the institutions. Let’s find out how!

  1. SECURE DATA (if you feel like I’m yelling at you, I’m not, but this is important). How do they do this? Well, schools own their own data because Google builds and operates their own secure platforms and servers and they also allow school admin to to monitor and manage data security.

2. NO ADS. There are no ads in G suite for core services within educational use. Also, student information can not be shared. Therefore, they will not be be profiled for targeted ads.

3. Google Complies With Industry Regulations and Best Practices. Google gets audited by independent organizations sometimes. This is to prove they are doing their job of protecting our info!

4. Google’s Privacy and Security Policies are CLEAR. Google is transparent and if you look on their homepage you can find all the info you need regarding contractual obligations and such. (Fun Fact: More than 40 million users worldwide! Woah.)