Turns Out There is No Such Thing As Privacy…

Any online service you get for free (facebook, google, etc.) you have to realize that YOU are the product they are selling to advertisers. They are harvesting your usage data and selling it

There is some really interesting information available about how online services track all of your online activity and use algorithms and data to build sophisticated profiles about you

They can easily build profiles of what kids like, what they click on, and target ads to them

Even if these platforms don’t know your name, they will know your location, what you look at, your preferences, your age range, the clothes, music, movies you like, your general mood/outlook, religion, etc. etc. All of that data is used to market to you (this is why you get those creepily-specific facebook ads for products you have been thinking of, but have never searched for– they KNOW that “people like you” are usually into X item)

Check out this link to find out what Google knows about you and your online activity history!

This link shows your google account ad personalization settings. It gives you a taste of what google knows about you already. This is the info google tells us they know about us. No doubt they know much more about us, that they aren’t sharing. Cookies and site tracking is what online marketers use to track all online activity, and build profiles of users. They use this info to target ads to kids– and how advertising has changed, and viral videos are ads that kids (and adults) don’t even know are ads. Ads are deceptive.

Google’s privacy policy for educational apps states that they don’t collect student data for advertising purposes or to sell to a third party, and the apps are ad-free. However, that doesn’t mean that Google isn’t still collecting information on these students. Additionally, G Suite data is stored outside of Canada, which means the federal government has less control over what happens with it. This is something to think about at least.